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Torchlight Mobile gets a new gameplay video showing off the Kitsune class

We’ve been following the development of the upcoming Torchlight Mobile game for awhile now, and it is an interesting, if not frustrating, game to watch being developed. Since it was announced back in the Summer of 2015, the development hasn’t had a lot of details released about it, except for at specific shows such as GDC or the Tokyo Game Show. Hell we still don’t even have a real release

[Update: Release Date] Capcom is planning to release Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney onto Android this Winter

Fans of the Ace Attorney franchise will be happen to know that a new game within the franchise will be heading to Android before the end of this year. Capcom has announced that Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney will be arriving this Winter for mobile devices, with Android being one of those platforms to get the game. Update: November 21st, 2016 2:24pm PST: For those of you waiting for this game

Pokemon GO holiday event will give trainers double XP and Stardust for a limited time

As you may or may not be aware of by now, Niantic Labs has announced that they will be launching their third global event in a couple of days. The event, which is Niantic’s way of saying thank you for making their game a ridiculous success, will have trainers receiving double the XP and Stardust for a week. What this means is that if you’re a low level player, you’ll

Goodnight Games’ upcoming Malevolent Machines gets its first teaser trailer

Back in September 2016 we reported on a new game coming from Goodnight Games, the folks behind the Ernie versus Evil game, called Malevolent Machines. Back it our previous coverage there wasn’t a whole lot of details about this upcoming game, and there still isn’t much, but we do have the teaser trailer now to check out. In case you missed our previous coverage, Malevolent Machines is going to be

Protect your garden from critters in VaragtP Studios new game Plantera

VaragtP Studios, developers of Tap Heroes and Loot Heroes, have released their third game onto Android called Plantera. Unlike the company’s other games, which are clicker/idler RPGs, this is an arcade-sim hybrid title where you’ll be trying to protect your garden from critters wanting to eat all your plants. Players will be assuming control of your own farm, which you will need to not only take care of, but also

Telltale Games The Walking Dead Season 3 now has a release date

Back during E3 2016 Telltale Games revealed their third season for the company’s The Walking Dead series called The New Frontier. At that time, while we did have a decent amount of details about the new Season, we didn’t have a launch date. Now we do and it will be arriving in the middle of December. For those of you who missed our previous coverage, this is the third seasons

Nvidia has put over 60 games on sale for Shield devices for Black Friday

Nvidia has decided to jump into the Black Friday/Holiday game sale action as well, and are putting up over 60 games for sale. The company’s Black Friday sales event starts today and runs through until November 28th, 2016. With the amount of games on sale, there should be something for everyone. The games that are on sale span between GeForce Now premium titles, and games released on Google Play that