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Xbox One X pre-orders are now open

In a move that was anticipated by many, Microsoft has started strong at this year’s Gamescom by launching pre-orders for the upcoming Xbox One X.  If you want to be sure that you get the 4K console when it’s released on November 7, you can place your order right now on the official Microsoft website, as well as through third-party retailers including Amazon.  The console is fairly pricey at $499

We’re here at Gamescom 2017!

Techradar has landed! In Germany that is. We’ve arrived in Cologne for what is arguably Europe’s biggest annual gaming event, Gamescom. We’re very excited to be here, and not just because Cologne has a chocolate museum. Mmmmmm, chocolate. Gamescom officially opens its doors to the public on August 23, but the doors open to the press on August 22, and there are events as early as August 20, so we’re

When games consoles were bookshelves: celebrating 35 years of Fighting Fantasy books

My first games console was a bookshelf. Long before I felt the call of Skyrim’s icy tundras, tackled the complex dungeons of Zelda or battled the undead foes of Dark Souls, I was exploring vast fantasy worlds through the pages of books.  The Fighting Fantasy novel series had it all – epic quests, hideous monsters and mysterious lands to visit. But they had a killer trick up their sleeves, too:

Here’s what you should be watching, playing and listening to this weekend

August is almost over and September is already upon us – that means schools will be back in session, the temperature will drop back to optimal TV-watching weather and, thankfully, football will be back on TV.  There’s a lot of hype around the winter months (and even a few songs to that might claim otherwise), but this is truly the most wonderful time of the year. Welcome back to another

Xbox One X ‘Project Scorpio Edition’ could be on the way

Microsoft might be readying a special Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition, if leaks on two German retail websites are to be believed.  The listings, which appear to have been taken down, seemingly reveal a unique version of the 4K-capable console is on the way. Project Scorpio, you may remember, was the codename of the Xbox One X before it was called that, so this new version appears to be

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is like an extra verse for your favorite song

There’s a moment a couple of hours into Uncharted: The Lost Legacy that almost perfectly sums up my feelings on the game.  It comes just after the game’s explosive opening set piece. Playing as Chloe Frazer you’ve narrowly escaped from a band of mercenaries after having stolen the plot McGuffin that will both point you in the direction of the game’s treasure, and – in typical Uncharted fashion – act

SNES Classic Mini release date, price and games

With the release of the Nintendo Switch and a slew of excellent games Nintendo is having an excellent 2017.  But the fun isn’t over yet, as Nintendo has confirmed that the SNES Mini, a small console capable of playing 21 classic SNES games, is set to release later in the year.  Like the NES Classic before it, the SNES iteration will be a petite, palm-sized machine. While it has 9

Xbox One X release date, news, and features

Updated: With Microsoft going big at Gamescom 2017, we’ve got our fingers crossed that the company might be about to let loose some more Xbox One X info. The company will be hosting a press conference on August 20th, so check out our guide on how to watch Gamescom if you want to keep up with all the announcements as they happen.  Original article continues below… Project Scorpio finally has

The best Nintendo Switch deals in August 2017: new stock available now

Update: While UK Nintendo Switch stock continues to dawdle, we’ve spotted some Nintendo Switch deals available for order at Amazon US. Better yet, you’re not being forced to go for a over-priced bundle as you can buy the Neon console on its own for just $299.99. You do have to be an Amazon Prime member though. We imagine this will sell out almost straight away. Try Amazon Prime for free

By losing a dimension, Sonic has regained a sense of direction

The year was 1991. I wasn’t born, Terminator 2: Judgement Day was showing in cinemas and Sonic the Hedgehog had just exploded onto the Sega Genesis and into the public consciousness.  With Sonic, Sega seemed to have the mascot they were longing for – something that wasn’t similar to Mario but with the potential to be a massive success. Despite his reputation for constantly moving, Sonic has stuck around for