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Deep Silver FISHLAB’s gorgeous puzzler Warp Shift is out right now on Android

The former iOS exclusive puzzler Warp Shift has finally landed on Android, and it’s absolutely free. Warp Shift sees you play as the young girl Pi, who’s found herself stranded in an ancient chamber. To escape, she has to solve a bunch of challenging puzzles with the assistance of her mysterious magical companion. Real care and attention has been put into the visuals and audio here, so it might be worth playing on

Tempest is an epic open world swashbuckling adventure in open beta on Android right now

At first glance, Tempest seems like an impossible proposition on mobile. A full blown, gorgeously 3D open world pirate adventure? On mobile? With multiplayer?! Count us in! This is no April fools either. It’s developed by the excellent Herocraft, and you can actually play it right now. It’s in open beta on Android only, so those iOS suckers will have to wait. Tempest originally launched on Steam, which explains why it’s so flipping

Smurfs Bubble Story is a bubble shooter based on the upcoming movie, and it’s out right now on Android

It’s almost like clockwork, isn’t it? There’s a new animated Smurfs movie on the way and, as you can predict, a mobile game tie in has launched alongside it. This time, it’s a bubble shooter – who’d have guessed?! Okay, we’ll try not to be too mean – people like this stuff. So you’ll pop your way through a bunch of levels, collecting your favourite Smurfs. Each Smurf you collect

Fighting Fantasy Legends will soon turn Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone’s gamebooks into a mobile card battler

Android users the world over may have been left heartbroken when Tin Man Games’s The Warlock of Firetop Mountain launched only on iOS. It might still arrive on this platform, but given the lack of a confirmed release date it looks like it’s going to be a while. Don’t despair though, as we have good news! Nomad Games of Talisman fame is shortly bringing three Fighting Fantasy gamebooks to Android in one package

Beta registration is now open for Nexon’s upcoming strategy game Total Clash, and you could win a Google Play voucher for participating

Nexon’s gearing up to launch Total Clash, a mobile strategy game in a similar vein to Clash of Clans. You know the drill, build a fortress, gather resources, upgrade everything, and battle other players. We’ve seen it all before. We haven’t had a chance to check this one out yet, but there are some pretty cool perks for signing up to the beta. If you pre-register right now, you could win a

Bloons TD 6 has just been announced for a 2017 release on Android

The family friendly mobile tower defence franchise is all set to get another sequel, as Bloons TD 6 has just been announced for a 2017 release on Android. And that’s… all Ninja Kiwi has to say on the matter right now, with no mention of new modes, towers, or abilities aside from, well, heavily hinting that there will be all of the above. Judging from the press release, Bloons TD 6 is likely to

ICYMI: 5 top Android gaming stories we missed this week – Telltale’s back, 100 extra Reigns cards, and more

Another busy week for Android – much like every week! As a result, it’s pretty challenging trying to cram every single news story onto the site, though we do try. But that’s what this round up’s for. Each week, we scour the internet for the best news bits we missed, and put them all in one place so you don’t have to do it yourself. We even do the same

5 top stories on DroidGamers this week – NOVA Legacy’s an exclusive, Morphite launches this spring, and more

Another busy week for Android – so much so that we struggled to narrow it down to just five top stories. We had Clash Royale-likes coming out of the woodwork, an Android exclusive, and pre-registrations for a ton of upcoming exciting games. If you’re anything like us though, you probably had a busy week and couldn’t find the time to keep on top of all of the happenings. No worries! That’s

Blitz Brigade is Gameloft’s answer to Clash Royale, pre-registration is open right now

You know how Gameloft likes to, erm, copy popular games? Well, Clash Royale is the next one to get the treatment with Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics. It’s almost identical to Supercell’s innovative multiplayer battler, except the viewpoint is isometric and the visuals are gorgeous 3D. Savvy mobile gamers will recognise the name – that’s because there’s another Blitz Brigade, also developed by Gameloft, which was a 3D team shooter. We’re not sure when Blitz Brigade:

Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed is a bona fide entry in the hack and slash franchise, out now on Android

Dynasty Warriors just launched on Android! I know, you’re probably thinking this is another match three puzzler or card battler loosely based on the franchise. But, it turns out that Unleashed is a bona fide entry that’s faithful to the franchise’s roots. Naturally, there have been a few alterations to ensure it all fits on the smaller screen. You’ll be fighting isometrically, rather than in third person, and I’m willing to