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Experience The Force Awakens as BB-8 in the upcoming match three, Star Wars: Puzzle Droids

In a move that surprised literally no one, Disney has just announced a mobile game tie in to Force Awakens – and it’s a match three puzzler. Stay with us here though, as Puzzle Droids does have a unique spin to it. You get to experience the plot and witness key events from BB-8’s perspective, which is a nice addition to the movie. You’ll also get to spend a bit more time with

Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War is an Android game tie in to the upcoming movie, pre-registration is open now

Dead Men Tell No Tales – the latest entry in the hit Pirates of the Caribbean film series – is all set to sail into cinemas next month and, as you can expect, a mobile game tie-in has already been announced. It’s called Tides of War, and is a strategy MMO that sees you don the captain’s hat and become a pirate in the great open seas. You’ll build your own ship,

The new expansion Tempest of the Gods introduces 104 new cards to Shadowverse, out now on Android

Shadowverse has just received a brand new expansion called Tempest of the Gods, which introduces a whopping 104 new cards to the battler. Included in this are two new legendary cards for each class. As the title suggests, the expansion is themed around gods. So if you ever wished you could add Zeus, the god of thunder himself, to your deck, you’ll be in your element. To celebrate the expansion, a

Noodlecake is porting a bunch of its iOS classics to Android, starting with Dig Deep!

Noodlecake has announced that it’s porting a bunch of iOS classics to Android over the next few months as free to play versions. Proceedings were kicked off this week with Dig Deep!, a space exploration adventure in which you play as the moustachioed miner Roger who’s tasked with excavating a bunch of planets in the search for gold. Earth’s kind of run out of it, you see. Each planet you visit

Clash Royale is celebrating its first anniversary with the in-game event Retro Royale

It’s amazing how time flies, but Clash Royale is already a year old. To celebrate, Supercell is rolling things back to launch with the in-game event, Retro Royale. Retro Royale forces you to win six games using only the cards that were available during launch. In return, you’ll earn rewards for each individual win.  You’ll get 10 gems for the first, a silver and gold chest for the next two, a magical

Forget Robot Wars – CATS is the only machine battler you need in your life

Robot Wars may make for entertaining viewing, but it lacks one essential ingredient: cats. That’s an ingredient that CATS has in abundance – an upcoming war machine battler coming soon to Android. In CATS, you’ll build your very own war machine from scratch – seriously, allow your imagination to go crazy. Once you’re happy, you can enter automated PvP battles to see who’s assembled the best. Your pet cat will even ride it

Ferdinand is an upcoming idle puzzler based on the animated movie of the same name

Ferdinand is an upcoming animated movie by the same studio that brought you Rio and Ice Age, and a mobile game tie in is launching alongside it. Brought to you by Crashing Season‘s Koukoi Games in collaboration with FoxNext Games, Ferdinand the mobile game is an idle puzzler featuring the cast of characters from the movie. And that’s literally all we know about it right now. Ferdinand will likely launch on Android alongside the movie, which hits theatres

Hitman: Sniper meets Clash Royale in strategic shooter Tom Clancy’s ShadowBreak, coming to Android this year

Ever since Clash Royale introduced an entirely new genre to mobile last year, developers have strived to iterate on it. The recent Star Wars: Force Arena came closest to success, giving you a role to play rather than just dropping units and watching the combat unfold. Ubisoft has decided to step into the fray with Tom Clancy’s ShadowBreak, a mobile exclusive shooter that takes the best of Hitman: Sniper and Clash Royale, blending them together to, perhaps,

The RPG classic Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition is coming to Android on April 11th

Beamdog has just announced that the classic 90s RPG Planescape: Torment is coming to Android on April 11th in an all new enhanced edition. This is the developer behind the recent Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale enhanced editions that really whet our whistles. As you can expect at this point, the enhanced version will feature support for higher resolutions, a redesigned UI, spliced in modern mechanics like zooming in, and various tweaks and fixes that didn’t

Drive around massive open worlds and smash the undead in Zombie Safari, out April 13th on Android

Dogbyte Games has a pretty decent pedigree when it comes to mobile racing games. This is the studio that brought you Blocky Roads and Highway, as well as last year’s Dead Venture – themed around butchering zombies in a variety of different vehicles. They say that bigger is better, and that’s the approach that Dogbyte has taken in the upcoming Zombie Safari. Here you’ll drive around five massive open worlds, smashing and blasting away the undead.