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The best cheap PS4 deals in June 2017

Sony’s console is leading the way so far this gen and there are some fantastic PS4 deals hidden around the net. We’re here to track down the best of them for you, because you shouldn’t have to wait for Black Friday for the best PS4 bundles. First up, we’ll show you the best prices for standalone PS4 consoles. Although, you can often get better value by opting for a PS4

Shadow of the Colossus and the danger of holding onto the past

Before I grab you by the arm and drag you into my flux capacitor-equipped Mario Kart for this week’s Throwback Thursday column, I’d like to offer an apology for my absence last week. I do have a good excuse, though: I was attending E3 where I was focusing so much on the future of games I didn’t get a moment to go hands on with the past. Lately, though, the

Steam Summer Sale 2017: how to get the best games and deals

To paraphrase R-Kelly, “my wallet says, “NOO!” But my body…MY BODY SAYS, “YEEESSSSS!” Yep, it’s that time of year that PC gamers love and fear in equal measure – the Steam Summer Sale 2017 is almost upon us. With Steam Summer Sale 2017 dates finally revealed, PC gamers are now preparing for the annual gaming deal-a-thon, with computer gaming overlords Valve lining up wallet-walloping deals on a whole range of

Shadow of the Tomb Raider release date, news and rumors

After the rather unceremonious leaking of what will probably be the title of the next Lara Croft outing on a Montreal subway train, speculation has been rife about what exactly we can expect from Shadow of the Tomb Raider.  Will we see a darker Lara? A more confident Lara? Or will the entire game be about a Peter-Pan-style quest to retrieve her shadow? Probably not the latter, but here you

The best Australian Nintendo Switch deals in June 2017

Nintendo Switch deals are out now and selling fast. We wouldn’t expect much difference between retailers for the Nintendo Switch’s price given how early it is, but we’ll list as many Nintendo Switch deals as we can find from reliable retailers. We’ve also rounded up the best deals and prices for extra Joy-Con controllers, Pro controllers and even some cheap Nintendo Switch memory cards. Thanks to our automatically-updating price comparison

The best Australian PS4 deals this month

2017 is off to a great start, with plenty of cheap PS4 deals. The latest PS4 bundles are selling fast, so don’t dawdle if you see a PS4 price you like. The new white PS4 Slim is out now too, so we’ve rounded up the best deals for the ice cool console. Below you’ll find all of the absolute cheapest standalone PS4 deals from Australian retailers, followed by our pick