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Forget Breath of the Wild – The Legend of Zelda-like Royal Dungeon will satisfy your thirst on Android

Okay, perhaps that’s a bit of a stretch – arguably the greatest video game of all time versus an indie mobile dungeon crawler. However, if you were hankering for the classic Zelda experience, you can’t really go wrong with Royal Dungeon on Android. This is no copy-cat experience though. You play as a king and queen who have escaped a world overloaded with monsters into a dungeon overloaded with monsters. You

[Update: Globally available tomorrow] Mine for resources and hidden artifacts in Deep Town, currently soft launched in select regions

Update Tuesday March 14, 12:30 PST: We have confirmation from the dev that the game is to be released globally tomorrow. So for those that are wanting to play this game, your wait is about over. Again, the game contains both ads as well as optional IAPs, but will be free to download and play. Released by Rockbite Games, Deep town is an upcoming game that’s based on the idea

The remastered N.O.V.A. Legacy is out now on Android, and may remain a Google Play exclusive

Gameloft became the first Android developer to remaster a mobile original for the platform when N.O.V.A. Legacy launched on Google Play last week. It’s a remake of the original game, featuring fancier visuals, a trimmer UI, and a revised plot – and somehow only takes up 20MB of space. How is that even possible? In a move that will please Android gamers everywhere, N.O.V.A. Legacy is actually an Android exclusive. That’s right, it launched

Finally! The next Fire Emblem: Heroes update will let you choose your party’s starting positions

Being unable to select your party’s formation before a battle has been a common criticism of Fire Emblem: Heroes, but Nintendo is all set to change that in the upcoming April update. Once it’s released, you’ll be able to swap the placement of each unit as many times as you like until you make your first move in battle. That’ll come in pretty handy. In another move to keep you playing,

Forge of Glory takes puzzle-RPG to the next level

Match three puzzlers and turn-based RPG battles are a match made in heaven, but they don’t always look that exciting.   Forge of Glory is different. With its 13 beautifully rendered 3D environments and brilliant character art it looks every bit the high budget action-RPG, and its gameplay covers a diverse array of single-player and multiplayer bases.   Firstly, there’s the PVE. This element of the game involves setting out

Card Thief could launch on Android as early as April, according to Tinytouchtales

Card Thief, the recent sequel to the critically acclaimed Solitaire-style RPG, recently launched on iOS – with seemingly no Android release date in site.   Redditor WizardTimeGames took it upon himself to ask in Reddit for an update, and the developer itself, Tinytouchtales, responded directly:   “We’re going to release in about a month. So expect it out by May 1st for sure.”   That’s from the horse’s mouth itself,

The Metroid Prime-like mobile shooter Morphite is coming to Android this spring

Crescent Moon’s gorgeous mobile answer to Metroid Prime, Morphite, has been officially confirmed for a spring release on Android. It’s 3D, features stylised cartoon visuals, and borrows heavily from Nintendo’s intensely popular space adventure franchise. You’ll explore seven different planets, gathering new abilities to unlock more paths. You can choose which planet to explore at any given moment though, and they’re procedurally generated, so aside from the visuals they’ll be different

5 top stories on DroidGamers this week – Super Mario Run finally launches, and Yo Kai Watch arrives globally on March 30th

It’s been a pretty big week for Android Gamers, and we’ve been right here on DroidGamers to cover it. We’ve had exciting new releases, updates that had us reaching for the reinstall button, and massive inbound titles teased. But it’s easy to miss this stuff during the week – particularly when your boss is breathing over your shoulder while you’re sweating to hit that deadline. But fear not – while

Has Gameloft just teased four Modern Combat Versus multiplayer maps?

Just what is going on over at the official Modern Combat Versus site? First the image of a drab, grayscale cityscape was teased, at the centre of which is a skyscraper with the logo Korp slammed front and centre. Above, a caption read: “Trust your leaders”, perhaps hinting at a post-apocalyptic dictatorship setting? But today, a new series of images have been presented which appear to showcase the variety of maps