What Time Do ‘Pokemon Go’ Raids Start Every Day?

Published 5:15 am EDT, June 25, 2017Updated 5:15 am EDT, June 25, 2017 By What time do Pokemon Go Raids begin every day? (Niantic) With Pokemon Go trainers concerned that there might be a curfew that doesn’t allow raid battles to happen at night, trainers are now wondering exactly how early each day they can start joining Raid Battles and battling Raid Bosses. Niantic hasn’t listed an official start time for raid

‘Pokemon Go’ Raid Boss List: Best Moves & Counters For Each Level (Egg Star & Color)

Published 4:26 am EDT, June 25, 2017Updated 4:26 am EDT, June 25, 2017 By List of best moves and counters for each Raid Boss at each level. (Niantic) Pokemon Go trainers are participating in raids at all levels, trying to work together to bring down the strongest Raid Bosses and come out victorious. Now, players are analyzing which attacks, moves, and counters work the best against Raid Bosses at all egg

‘Pokemon Go’: Egg Distance Wrong After Interacting With a Gym

Published 4:00 am EDT, June 25, 2017Updated 4:00 am EDT, June 25, 2017 By (Niantic) As Pokemon Go trainers enjoy the new gym mechanics and join together to battle Raid Bosses, they’re noticing one unpleasant trend. It seems that the egg distance you’ve accumulated to hatch an egg resets whenever you interact with a gym. So if you’ve been walking a lot and interacting with gyms, but are noticing that your egg

Choosing the best online bookmaker – Few essential factors to consider

Affiliate links within this post may be commissionable. If you’re into online betting, you would think that one of the most vital decisions which you have to make is to choose the perfect side of a game or a total of a game. But in reality, the most important decision is that you have to choose an online bookmaker. There are several companies like Efirbet which offer sports betting online

Bookmakers vs. Betfair – Which is a better option and why

Affiliate links within this post may be commissionable. When it came to gambling in the UK, high street bookmakers always ruled the industry and this trend kept continuing when sports betting were moved to the internet with some big-shot companies enjoying the bulk of online business. Later on, in the year 200, Betfair betting exchange came into existence and this would in different ways change the entire gambling industry. Since

‘Pokemon Go’: How Many Raid Passes Can You Use Per Day?

Published 9:11 pm EDT, June 24, 2017Updated 9:11 pm EDT, June 24, 2017 By How many raid passes can you use per day? (Niantic) Raid passes are the key to enjoying the new Raid Battles in Pokemon Go, possibly taking down a Raid Boss, and capturing a higher-level, super strong Pokemon. But you need a raid pass to participate. You can also get a premium pass for a one-time raid, but these

Friday The 13th: The Game: Advanced Tips and Tricks As Jason

More often than not, you’ll find yourself in the shoes of a counselor in Friday The 13th: The Game. However, for those ever so rare moments you find yourself as Jason, you’ll want to be able to get the most XP and counselor kills as you can in the shoes of the iconic killer. We have previously covered the top five tips and tricks to get started as Jason, but