Blizzard Internships Hint at Overwatch-Related Project

Blizzard Entertainment is looking for a General Artist Intern for the summer of 2018. The internship’s description may hint at an unannounced Overwatch-related project. The internship program lets interns work side-by-side with Blizzard employees in their area of interest, with their work oftentimes ending up in production according to the internship listing on Blizzard’s website. Blizzard are specifically interested in seeking an intern to work on creating game assets for

Destiny 2: Where is the Iron Banner Vendor? (Lord Saladin)

Collin MacGregor Destiny 2’s first PvP event has officially begun and players will no doubt be rushing to The Tower in order to begin their Iron Banner journey. This marks the first appearance of this popular event in Destiny 2, so there’s little doubt that swarms of players will be participating in the Crucible. Just like previous iterations of Iron Banner, representative Lord Saladin has made his way to the

Clash Royale Samsung 8 Fix Arrives Soon

SuperCell Several Clash Royale players were greeted with a rollercoaster of emotion yesterday. With the rollout of the new October update which brought the new Touchdown mode, quests, and various card balance changes and bug fixes, the servers went down, and millions of players eagerly anticipated all the new bells and whistles when the servers came back up, update in tow. Instead, when the servers came up, several users, specifically

Cuphead Fans Should “Git Gud” at Criticizing Journalists

Twitter I like Cuphead quite a bit. While the the randomized enemy shot patterns and confusing button layout can make things frustrating, I’m enjoying my time with what I believe is an incredibly polished and artistically jaw-dropping experience. It’s a net positive for me. Unfortunately, because this is the gaming industry, we can never have a game be good and that’s the end of it. There always has to be

Middle Earth: Shadow of War: How To Kill Captains & Warchiefs Easily

Middle Earth: Shadow of War sees the return of the much talked about Nemesis system from the first game. With this system, we have some powerful enemies lying in the ranks of Sauron’s army. You’ll know when you come across a captain or a warchief since the game will stop and show you a cutscene signaling their arrival. Some of these enemies can be pretty pesky to take down but

Overwatch: Here Are the 2017 Halloween Terror Event Skins

The Overwatch Halloween Terror event has officially begun and it’s full of spooky surprises that players can unlock and uncover. Just like the previous Halloween focused event players are able to earn special Rare and Legendary skins that homage a number of different monsters and films. While there have been a lot of skins for Overwatch, the Halloween event always ends up producing some of the best looking ones in the

BlizzCon 2017 Virtual Ticket Gives Rewards in Blizzard Games

BlizzCon 2017 is coming up in November and there are currently two ways for you to view it. You can either go to the event live or stay at home and watch it online. You can watch it online by purchasing what is called a Virtual Ticket. This ticket will give you full access to the two-day event to Blizzard’s annual conference as well as some exclusive gear in various

Need for Speed Payback: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know EA’s Need for Speed franchise has been going strong since 1994. Ever since gearheads and gamers hit the road in each installment, different development teams have taken the series in a different direction to keep things fresh. In 2015, development studio Ghost Games produced a complete reboot that featured a fleshed out story and constant night time racing. Some fans flocked to the game, while others avoided it and

Flame vs. Blaze: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Flame vs. Blaze. 1. Use Your Free “Novice’s Scratch-Off Ticket” After the Tutorial SQUARE ENIX INC • After completing the tutorial, you’ll receive a “Novice’s Scratch-Off Ticket” which contains equipment cards that you can equip to your “agent” character before a match. Simply go to the Home screen and tap the “Scratch-Off Tickets” button on the left to start

Middle Earth: Shadow of War: How Gems Work

Middle Earth: Shadow of War retains much of the same elements that made Shadow of Mordor a good title but also throws a few wrenches into things. Upgrading your weapons are done with gems now. These gems will just slot into whatever weapons you have and go into specific slots. The gems will stack onto whatever sword, dagger, bow, armor and cloak you have. These gems will give your character