Alex Mauer: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Alex Mauer, the composer behind 2D shooter Starr Mazer: DSP as well as Need for Speed: Undercover and other projects, has had a dispute with the developers of Starr Mazer: DSP and has subsequently issued spurious DMCA strikes to many YouTube and Twitch content creators. Here’s everything you need to know: 1. Mauer Was in a For-Hire Contract for Starr Mazer: DSP In a statement by Don Thacker of Imagos

Pokemon Go: When Does the Coin Bonus Timer Reset?

(Niantic) In Pokemon Go, players can receive bonus coins for having Pokemon stationed in gyms, but they are only allowed to collect 50 coins per day. So what, exactly, does the game consider to be a day? When does the timer reset? It appears that the coin bonus timer resets every night at midnight. Originally, a lot of fans thought that it would reset every 24 hours, but that does not seem to be

Pokemon Go: What Is the Drop Rate for Special Raid Battle Items?

A Golden Razz Berry in Pokemon Go. (Eurogamer) After participating in Raid Battles, Pokemon Go players have the opportunity to receive special items. But you won’t always receive the same items every time, so what is the drop rate for the Raid Battle items? Which ones are given out frequently, and which ones are more rare? It appears that the frequency at which you receive Raid Battle items depends on what tier

Pokemon Sun & Moon: Hoenn Region Mega Stones Available

If you’re an owner of Pokemon Sun and Moon, you’re in luck because there are five new Mega Stones available free of charge for you. The Mega Stones are available for Pokemon found in the Hoenn Region, which was featured in Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby. Those included Pokemon are Sceptile, Blaziken, Swampert, Camerupt and Banette. These Pokemon aren’t available anywhere in Sun and Moon so you’ll have to use

Pokemon Go: How to See a Map of Gyms in Your Area

(Niantic) Pokemon Go players have for a long time wanted a way to view a map of the gyms in their area, as this is something that can be difficult to keep track of. With the latest update, Niantic has added a way to do this, though the feature is not quite as detailed as fans originally hoped. Now, you can see a map of gyms in your area so long as

Pokemon Go: How Quickly Do Pokemon Lose CP in Battle?

A new gym update is coming to Pokemon Go. (Niantic) Now that the new gym system has been released in Pokemon Go, the way that Pokemon are defeated in battle has been completely tweaked. The game now relies on a system of motivation, with this motivation bar being tied to the Pokemon’s CP, which you can drain in battle. So how quickly do Pokemon lose CP in gym battles? How many battles

Diablo 3: What Time Does The Necromancer Unlock?

Published 12:11 pm EDT, June 25, 2017Updated 12:12 pm EDT, June 25, 2017 By Blizzard finally pulled the cover off the Necromancer release date and price last week after making us wait for a long, long time. The Necromancer will become the newest class added to the game, and the first one since the Reaper of Souls expansion. The new patch, dubbed patch 2.6.0, also introduces a bunch of new