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Xbox Finally Gets The PS4-Exclusive Destiny Gear

Like Destiny 2, Destiny 1 has an exclusivity deal with PlayStation and Sony which gave PS4 and PS3 players exclusive content before it released on the Xbox One or Xbox 360. While most of the content did end up coming over to Microsoft’s platforms, there’s still a couple of weapons and armor, even strikes, that have not made their way over to the Xbox. Bungie announced today that the content

Pokemon Go: How to Get a Refund for a Premium Raid Pass Purchase

(Niantic) In the new Pokemon Go Raid Battle system, only one free Raid Pass is given out per day, meaning players are encouraged to buy Premium Raid Passes in the store. But what if the Premium Raid Pass ends up going to waste? Can you get a refund? Niantic is indeed providing refunds for players who have their Premium Raid Pass wasted due to a glitch in the game. If, for instance,

Where To Pre-Order Super NES Classic Edition

(Nintendo) Nintendo officially announced the followup to their successful, yet never in stock and extremely hard to find NES Classic Edition. The new console is called the Super NES Classic Edition and, you guessed it, it features games from the Super Nintendo, or SNES. The new iteration will feature less games than its predecessor, down from 30 games to 21 this time around, but arguably boasts the stronger lineup with

Pokemon Go: Is It Possible to Switch Teams?

(Niantic) Ever since Pokemon Go was first released, players have been asking Niantic Labs for a way to switch teams. After all, many gamers chose their team before having an understanding of what the dynamic would be like in their area. So has Niantic provided any sort of way to change teams? Unfortunately, there is no way to switch teams in Pokemon Go. Niantic has never made a feature like this available,

Oceanhorn: Monster Of The Deep: Nintendo Switch Review

Game: Oceanhorn: Monster of the DeepConsoles: PC, iOS, Android, PS4, Xbox One, PS Vita, Nintendo Switch (reviewed)Publisher: FDG EntertainmentDeveloper: Cornfox & Bros. A review copy of the game was provided for us. Let’s get the comparisons right out of the way, Oceanhorn: Monster of the Deep takes a lot of influence from the Legend of Zelda series, and that’s not a bad thing. The game features puzzles, dungeons and many of the same