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‘Pokemon Go’ Fest: Will Legendaries Still Be Released?

Server issues played Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago so much that Niantic ended up issuing refunds and $100 Pokecoins as an apology. But this still leaves on big question. Are Legendaries going to be released today or tomorrow, or is that all over too? And if not, when will players get a chance to battle and catch them in the future? It appears that yes, plan are still going forward for

Splatoon 2: Best Weapons For Beginners

Nintendo There are a lot of weapons in Splatoon 2. If you’re a beginner to the game, you may be wondering what the best weapons are for getting ahead. Or maybe you’re tired of the standard weapons and want something a bit more exciting. Well look no further. Here are the best weapons for greenhorns looking to improve their game. Splat Dualies Screenshot by Jack Fennimore Splat Dualies are two

WATCH: Pokemon Go Player Throws Bottle at Niantic Host During Festival

Fans are angry about the Pokemon Go Fest and they aren’t hiding their feelings. While one Niantic host took the stage to talk to fans about the current challenge window, an angry fan threw a water bottle at her. She was being really encouraging and upbeat, reminding players about what they needed to catch, when someone threw a bottle at her. The bottle fell low and barely missed hitting her,

WATCH: Pokemon Go Crashes During Official Fest Live Stream

In a moment that was just so ironic it almost hurt, Niantic tried to show a raid battle live on its Twitch live stream feed. But something went very wrong. While battling Kingler, the game just crashed and then restarted. Whoever was running the game must not have been too happy about that, because they quickly switched back to the static screen that players have been complaining about all day.

‘Pokemon Go’ Fest: Best Memes, Tweets & Reactions

Twitter/SareeseFeet “Live from Niantic headquarters,” one tweets says. For many, the Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago has been pretty much a big disappointment so far. With server and connectivity issues plaguing the festival, many trainers chanted “FIX THE GAME!” while waiting in the park. When Niantic CEO John Hanke came on stage, he was booed. He tried to assure players that they’re working on the issues, but the problems seemed far too symbolic

Is Pokemon Go Fest Issuing Refunds?

Trainers who are attending the Pokemon Go Fest are reporting that Niantic is issuing refunds and people are starting to leave. We’re still determining if this is authentic, but according to players who are the fest, it’s happening. UPDATE: Now we know it is authentic. A Niantic representative came out on stage an announced the refunds: Niantic is giving out refunds and $100 of Pokecoins due to the server issues for people

‘Pokemon Go’ Fest: Are the Festival & Challenges Canceled?

Niantic announced a full refund for Pokemon Go players as apology for the big server issues that have been plaguing the highly anticipated Festival since it began earlier today. But does this mean the Festival is now canceled? Niantic is issuing refunds for Pokemon Go Fest ticket holders, but it doesn’t look like the entire festival is canceled, at least according to current news from trainers who are on the

Blizzard’s official Doomfist cosplay shows up at Comic-Con

One week before he’s due to appear in Overwatch, Doomfist is on patrol at San Diego Comic-Con, courtesy of cosplayer Caviar Bleu and propmasters Henchmen Studios. It’s a good thing that Caviar Bleu, of Toronto, is in such good shape, and not just to complete Doomfist’s ultrabuff look. Hauling around that enormous, uh, fist has gotta be draining, no matter what it’s made of. If you’re at the con and

Pokémon Go Fest plagued with server issues as fans demand fixes from Niantic

After Pokémon Go Fest kicked off this morning in Chicago’s Grant Park, it wasn’t long before players experienced their worst fear: widespread server issues that prevented them from logging in. Cell reception is already spotty on the scene here in Chicago — I’ve been fighting it since I arrived — but a potential overload on the game’s networks have made it impossible for many players to log in at all.

Pokemon Go Fans Revolt Against Niantic During Disastrous Chicago Event

Niantic Pokemon Go Fest Chicago is currently underway. Pokemon Go Fest is off to a disastrous start in Chicago today, and the event’s paying customers are not happy. From the beginning of the event this morning, server issues were pretty widespread in Grant Park, and three hours later, they have not been fixed. Right from the opening ceremony, players took out their frustration on Niantic by chanting “Fix the game!”