At first glance, Tempest seems like an impossible proposition on mobile. A full blown, gorgeously 3D open world pirate adventure? On mobile? With multiplayer?! Count us in!

This is no April fools either. It’s developed by the excellent Herocraft, and you can actually play it right now. It’s in open beta on Android only, so those iOS suckers will have to wait.

Tempest originally launched on Steam, which explains why it’s so flipping gorgeous, and has been ported directly on mobile. Get a ship, hire crew, install weapons, and become a terror on the open seas – both for other pirates and the legendary monsters lurking beneath the waves.

We’ll certainly be checking this out. If you’d like to do so yourself, head on over to Google Play to grab it right now. Bear in mind that it’s in open beta though, so it’s likely not quite in ship shape.