It’s almost like clockwork, isn’t it? There’s a new animated Smurfs movie on the way and, as you can predict, a mobile game tie in has launched alongside it. This time, it’s a bubble shooter – who’d have guessed?!

Okay, we’ll try not to be too mean – people like this stuff.

So you’ll pop your way through a bunch of levels, collecting your favourite Smurfs. Each Smurf you collect unlocks a new power-up which you can use in future levels. Multiple power-ups can be used in the same level as well, so if you’re really struggling you can get a helping hand.

There’s some semblance of a plot, and a variety of game modes to spice things up. It’s the usual boss battles – stuff like that.

If you’re sold, you can grab Smurfs Bubble Story from Google Play right now.