Dynasty Warriors just launched on Android! I know, you’re probably thinking this is another match three puzzler or card battler loosely based on the franchise. But, it turns out that Unleashed is a bona fide entry that’s faithful to the franchise’s roots.

Naturally, there have been a few alterations to ensure it all fits on the smaller screen. You’ll be fighting isometrically, rather than in third person, and I’m willing to bet that battles are no longer 40 minute affairs.

We won’t lie, a few typical mobile mechanics have been incorporated. You’ll be collecting characters from throughout the franchise’s history, and building a team of them to take into battle with you.

Yes, they each have star ratings out of five, can be equipped with skills and abilities, and can be chopped and changed between battles.


Then there are the typical mobile PvP modes like skirmishes, raids, and boss fights – which actually sound kind of fun with a Dynasty Warriors skin.

Conquest is still there though, and it seems it can be played in single or multiplayer, and a new War Supply mode sounds quite fun. Occupy mines on the map and gather resources to help fuel your war efforts.

If you’re a fan of Dynasty WarriorsUnleashed is a no-brainer. But those who are into mobile MMOs, RPGs, or hack and slashers will likely also get a kick out of this. Go and grab it from Google Play right now.