There were a lot of games shown during Microsoft’s E3 2017 press conference, however, one of the most intriguing was a visually stunning title by the name of The Last Night. Set in a cyberpunk inspired world, The Last Night’s story focuses on a dystopian future that has had creativity and human labor removed due to powerful artificial intelligence. Players take command of Charlie who is a poor citizen that is unable to interact with the society around him due to a childhood accident.

However, while many have been praising the game for its visual design, the creative director and founder of the studio Odd Tales, Tim Soret, has found himself under fire for his comments regarding GamerGate. For those who do not know, GamerGate was a movement that started some time back that focused on ethics in video game journalism. While the movement has grown rather ambiguous since its controversial interactions, many non-Gamergate identifiers claimed members of the movement harassed those outspoken against them.

Here are some of the comments Soret made:

Tim Soret, The Last Night


Tim Soret, The Last Night







Soret is also being called out for comments he made regarding Bill Nye’s Netflix show:

Fans and critics alike have been very vocal about Soret’s tweets regarding identity politics, GamerGate, and feminism:

Soret himself commented on the controversy via Twitter simply remarking that:

He has made no other comments regarding the outcry, but it’s safe to say that The Last Night made a huge impact on the show as many attendees and viewers were blown away by the visual design and setting. At the time of writing this, The Last Night is currently trending on Twitter with over 90 thousand tweets, many of which are currently discussing his past comments. There has also been no word from publisher Raw Fury regarding Soret’s tweets.

The Last Night will come out in 2018 on both Xbox One and PC.