Overwatch is a game that’s constantly evolving, as new characters, modes, events, and cosmetics have been routinely added since its launch last year. Another big addition has always been new levels, as Blizzard has added seven maps to the game, with an eighth currently being tested in the PTR (Public Test Realm). While only three of these eight see competitive play, a new level called “Junkertown” might have just been leaked. Posted first on Reddit by user Lo0gy, he shows off a series of voice lines introducing various maps.

Hosted on Tumblr via aku-no-homu’s page, the Overwatch announcer Athena first says “Entering Lijiang Control Center” and then goes on to introduce the new map, stating: “Arriving at Château Guillard.” Where things get interesting is Athena then announces right after this comment: “Welcome to Junkertown,” which is the first time we have ever heard of this map. The voice over is quite convincing and when you hear it back to back with the others these intros sound authentic. Now, of course, make sure to take this info with a grain of salt because it could be an elaborate fake.

For those who don’t know, Junkertown is set in Austrailia and is the home of refugees of the Omnic Crisis. This is where both Junkrat and Roadhog are from, so we could easily learn more about their history after this map releases. What type of map Junkertown could be is still unknown, but given how many Elimination and Deathmatch levels there are, this could be a far larger level.

Currently, every game mode has a new map with the exception of Escort only levels where users start with the payload and are tasked with delivering it. If there is any chance of a new 6v6 map, the mode being Escort is very high. Now all we have to do is sit and pray that these rumors are true. After all, who doesn’t want to battle it out in a Mad Max-esc city?