A new gym update is coming to Pokemon Go. (Niantic)

In Pokemon Go on Monday, all gyms were disabled to prepare for a forthcoming update. But what happened to the Pokemon that were stationed in gyms when they were shut down? Where are they?

Pokemon that were in disabled gyms were not immediately returned to players today, and the game still shows the creatures as being in the gym. This created some fear in players that Niantic expected them to remove the Pokemon in time for the gyms being disabled and that these Pokemon might be gone forever now. At the very least, some fans were worried that they might not have access to the Pokemon until gyms are enabled again.

But don’t worry; this appears to just be a glitch. Niantic has promised that the Pokemon that were in gyms when they were disabled will be returned to their owners. It just seems this did not happen right away, and it will take a few hours for the Pokemon to actually come back to you.

In fact, a Niantic employee said on Reddit this afternoon, “Pokémon will return to you over the course of the next several hours.”

Gyms were shut down on Monday intentionally in order to prepare for a massive gym update. Niantic has not technically announced when this update is coming, but it’s widely expected to be released later this week. After all, based on Niantic’s schedule, they’re already due for an update in a few days, and so we should probably expect the gym update to hit Pokemon Go sometime between Wednesday and Friday. At this point, the gyms will come back online.

The Pokemon Go gym update is intended to make the game a bit more cooperative. Gyms will see a number of tweaks, including the fact that you now can’t station more than one member of the same species in a gym. Also, Pokemon will gradually lose CP while stationed in a gym, so you or a member of your team has to feed them berries in order to keep them strong. There’s also a “raid” feature coming to the game, in which players can team up to take down extremely high-powered Pokemon. However, this feature is not expected to be available for most players for another few weeks.